trm, B.A. (teiran) wrote,
trm, B.A.

"87 on my sweater with a big old C"

Quarter past five; Mika Nakashima and Aya Kamiki filling my headphones with music and lyrics that I've never heard before while I type away in Word. I could do worse being wide awake in the not-quite-morning.

I know you've all seen those Sports Illustrated commercials that pop up after every championship-clinching game: the ones hawking leather-bound volumes, team logo hoodies, and all the other paraphernalia that fans lap up in the wake of vicarious euphoria. I don't remember SI cranking out these offers in the mid-nineties, when the Rockets won their titles, so I haven't ever felt terribly compelled to pick up the phone and join in the parade. I guess my allegiances have always been misplaced and/or ill-timed as far as champions go. Saves me money, at any rate.

Well, not this year... and not this year.

SI only gave the Penguins a regional cover, since Kobe and the Lakers clinched the NBA title the same week, so forget them. It's time to head straight to the source and pick up one of these bad boys from the NHL store. I'd like to think I'll remember this past season for a long time regardless, but from where I'm standing right now, I can't see how it'd hurt to keep it fresh in my mind.

That said--and I know it's July--I do sort of wish there were a free fleece pullover involved in this deal, just to complete the experience. But it's okay, NHL store. I'm willing to make some sacrifices, because my team won the Stanley Cup.
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